So what exactly is From the World With Love?

From the World with Love is a place to experience love, life, and positivity. It connections you to traditions, cultures and people from around the globe. You will realize how the smallest actions have a positive impact on others - even when we are worlds apart. The mission of FTWWL is to spread awareness about the importance fair trade principles have in preserving the savoir-faire of true craftsmanship.
Do you buy only from certain countries and vendors?

The items in the FTWWL store come from areas where liberty and human dignity are respected. All products have been hand selected with love. Each country visited has resulted in unique and treasurable goods that cannot be found anywhere else.
Why can't I reorder something I bought from you before?

Many of the items on FTWWL are hand-made and one-of-a-kind. Because of the uniqueness of each shopping experience, once an item has been purchased there may not be a duplicate available. However, there may be similar items available, with just as much beauty and value. Every buying trip is a new adventure with new discoveries - always a hunt for the most exclusive and precious goods.
I think I can contribute - how do I do it?

If you have secret treasures to share, or you know of special locations for discovery, please let FTWWL know! Fill out this form and we will share your stories from the world, with love!

If you are a craftsman or representative of a NGO with hand-made products, FTWWL may be the right place for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk more.

Would you like to spread the world's love by making FTWWL a better place? Feel free to send us suggestions or concerns and we will be in touch with you shortly.
Do you offer a gift service?

We don't offer gifts cards just yet, but they will be coming soon. However, if you want to purchase something as a gift for someone special, just let us know in your comments when you order, and we'll make sure it arrives with a gift note and without any visible prices.
What are my shipping options? Is it safe to use my credit card? What is your return policy? What are my payment options?

All of the subjects are covered in detail in the Customer Service section of the store. Click here for more information.