Special Occassions and Celebrations

Special events, celebrations and ceremonies around the world are meant to be shared with others.

Join the Fashion Revolution

April 24, 2014

Attention: From the World with Love has joined the Fashion Revolution!

 Don’t be afraid to say: Who Made My Clothing?  Join the revolution by making responsible and sustainable fashion choices.


By forming personal relationships with artist around the globe, Yael has created a network of innovative thinkers, ethical shoppers and lifelong friends.

Be one of the millions of people who are creating awareness in the fashion industry about how and where clothing is made.

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Consider the men and women whose hands stitched together your shirt, or the natural resources that were used make all the fabrics in your closet. Do you know where your clothes came from?

Yael Guetta, knows exactly where each product on ftwwl.com was made, who made it and what it is made from—go ahead, ask her!

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Find that perfect shirt, dress or accessory that speaks to you and transform your wardrobe into a cultural and socially sustainable collection.

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The FTWWL collection reflects Yael’s personal style and her personal choice to be a part of the Fashion Revolution. 

Instagram a photo of your pledge to join the revolution: #FTWWLFashionRevolution

Out with the Old, in with the New (and Improved!)

January 17, 2014

When one door closes, another opens—and the new FTWWL store is even better than before! We believe all things happen for a reason, even if that means starting all over again.


When the FTWWL website was hacked, we temporarily lost everything. Fortunately, the love and support of followers from across the world, (including you!) helped us to revamp the From the World with Love blog and added exciting new items to the store.

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Fromtheworldwithlove.com was made by and for people like you—global travelers, exotic fashionistas, style-conscious individuals and fair-trade advocates. The new FTWWL website brings you closer than ever before to the designers, artists and craftspeople who work hand-in-hand with From the World with Love founder, Yael Guetta.

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Our door is always open! We welcome everyone to explore authentic craftsmanship, handmade accessories and original designs. As a part of the FTWWL community you are making worthwhile contributions to the growth of sustainable fashion.

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Connect instantly with Yael and share your storires of travel, treasures and true love—for things that come from the world with love.

FTWWL is here for you, 24/7 no matter where in the world you go. Find us on: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and fromtheworldwithlove.com

The Spirit Never Surrenders

November 1, 2012

No matter where you go, no matter what you lose, the spirit never leaves us.

The place where it belongs, the place where it was born – our souls, our passion and our hearts remain true.

Love thy neighbor – and in times of hardship, welcome them into your home. From the World with Love knows that when the moment comes to stand together, the strength of our spirits will carry us through anything. It is not always easy to see the beauty within disaster but as Human of New York and Jean-Luc Connan continuously find gems amongst rubble, FTWWL also brings light to what is beyond the surface.

It is the spirit of those around us that lift us even higher. 

It is the people of the city and the passion in their hearts that bring stability and hope back to a place of sorrow. Not to be left in the dark, it is these people who illuminate the city and bring life, joy, happiness and love back into the souls of the struggling.

This Halloween, the haunt was as real as ever – no one doubted the chill that lingered through the city. But with the community of helping hands and the undeniably powerful sense of community, those within areas of disarray, joined together for a celebration of their own.

Celebrating the life – Celebrating the spirit – Celebrating the power of love


Times like these is when the soul is revealed and true compassion comes to life. Like Lydia Callis – rising to her call of duty to not only communicate but bring personality and light-heartedness back into the city, it is those people exactly that remind us how to keep spirits up. One act, one gesture is all it takes. The time to remember the good and being thankful for what we have because like the spirit, it’s never lost.


No matter where you are, never let your spirit surrender. Help those in need by donating to the Red Cross.