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FTWWL friends from around the world. Some old, some new, but all amazing.

A Good Cause and A Great Run – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

January 31, 2013

Traveling to Ethiopia was more than simply an adventure into East Africa—it was a journey of pure beauty, deep-rooted love and moments of complete happiness like I had never felt before.

Being in Ethiopia was more rewarding than imaginable and watching the Great Ethiopian Run in Addis, Ababa, was an experience I would not trade for the world.

Jiro took photos throughout the entire race. He captured the energy of everyone in Addis. The city was alive!

I met Ethiopia’s most admired athlete, Haile Gebreselassie. I was welcomed into his home for a post-marathon celebration, filled with dancing, music, food and fun! I realized how truly humbled and appreciative Haile is. My friend, Jiro Mochizzuko, is a professional photographer who has followed Haile’s career. His photographic biography of Haile’s journey  is called,

The Emperor of Long Distance.

Haile had the honor of seeing the book first and announcing its release at the press conference before the race!

Representing Ethiopia, as an Olympian and an advocate for seeing forth the success of his county, the entire city treated Haile like a real celebrity!

With every step, constant cheering and praise followed him.

With the dedication of fans and support of fellow runners, Haile will be hosting a marathon of his own in October of 2013 called the Haile Gebreselassie Run.


The yearly 10K, women’s 5k and children’s run bring people together from every inch of the city and all corners of the world. No matter what, runner finishes the race, with the encouraging words and helping hands of others participating carrying them to the end. Whether it be a professional runner like Haile, or a young child, the participants would not be able to be in the race without the expert planning and seamless execution of event’s coordinating organizations and the associations involved in organizing the people.

Because I’m a Girl was one of the many charities that runners supported. I had an especially moving experience as I watched over 3,500 participants in the Children’s Race.

During the race, it was as though Addis has a heartbeat of its own—with music blaring and people dancing throughout the streets, it was the boys and girls, ages 11 and younger, with painted faces, colorful tee-shirts and enormous smile that brought the city to life!

One cannot image the atmosphere of Addis, or the energy and emotions that come from seeing The Great Ethiopian Race first hand. One thing I can say for sure is, this experience has proven that love and hope are the most powerful tools for helping other.

The people of Ethiopia have a love that is like nothing I have ever seen before.

High Fashion for All – Doggie Couture

October 27, 2012

In the dog-eat-dog world of fashion, one must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder….of the leash that is. 

Even man’s best friend loves to look stylish! Pets are a part of high-fashion couture and walk the streets like it’s a runway.

During Halloween, we bring costumes and creativity to life but one designer has taken dressing-up to a whole new level. Anthony Rubio of Bandit Rubio Designs is the master of doggie couture. His crave for canine fashion has people turning heads. This Halloween you will find fun and festive costumes for all your four-legged friends.

Anthony has found his passion in creating doggie couture clothing. His love of animals has driven him to success. Every pooch and puppy is important and FTWWL believes that pets deserve just as much love an attention as anyone. Dressing up isn’t just for special occasions anymore – neither should dressing your dog!

Every day should be like Halloween; fun, creative, stylish, chic.

Working with all the most glamorous pups in fashion, Anthony  is one of the best when it comes to doggie couture. Don’t forget that pets like to be pampered too! Fashion is for everyone – people and puppies. See more of Anthony’s canine creations and treat your pet to something sweet this Halloween!

Travel Advice From Diana Vreeland

September 20, 2012

“Go to Paris as much as you can.” 

That is the one piece of advice Diana Vreeland had to give when talking with Colin McDowell, editor at The Business of Fashion. 

As an iconic figure in the world of beauty, style, art  and couture, Diana Vreeland has decoded the meaning of style. Her inspiration has come from global travel and cultural experiences throughout decades of fashion success.

Very few have a comparable prospective on style but in the film, “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel” viewers will witness the inter-workings in which all of her accomplishments were composed.

As she sees it, no person may understand fashion from one perspective, from one lense, or from one set of standards. Style, in her opinion, is about making the unexpected extraordinary.

“Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel”

La Modella Mafia Inspired by FTWWL

September 12, 2012

FTWWL has shared the fashion of India’s tribespeople, the art of Thailand’s villagers as well as hand-crafted fair trade products from all cultures in-between. In FTWWL’s hope of expanding it’s presence in the fashion community, La Modella Mafia has discovered the beauty within some of FTWWL products that reflect the boho chic styles of many celebrities and designer labels.

Not only is La Modella Mafia another blog which explores the many  elements within fashion, it also utilizes ideas from multiple sources cross-culturally.  The blog posting Boho Chic: From the World with Love finds the relationship between present day boho style with traditional, authentic tribal pieces within the FTWWL store.



FTWWL wishes to support all bloggers, stylists, designers and artists to work to spread the message of worldly fashion and unity between cultures around the world to create peace, happiness and love.

Please visit and find inspiration of your own. You can also shop the La Modella Mafia and FTWWL stores.


Photos from

FTWWL -Yael Guetta

August 29, 2012

Getting trustworthy fashion advice is hard to come by.

When culturally infused and worldly influenced looks intrigue you,

it’s easy to see why FTWWL has caught your eye.

Experienced or unprofessional, every individual can use genuine fashion advice and has created an impeccable space for obtaining feedback from an array of experts.

As one of the site’s official Fashion Insider, Yael Guetta has opened her (closet) doors to all!

Read Yael Guetta’s full bio, see some of her lookbook images, and get one-on-one fashion consulting. With over 50 stylists, designers and fashion experts from around the world, Looklab has developed a collection of exquisitely selected Fashion Insiders.

Visiting and browse the profile of Looklab’s latest Fashion Insider, Yael Guetta at:

With an extensive history as a stylist, trend setter, and expert in fashion, Yael Guetta has  a profile and bio that is truly one of a kind.

Styling for France’s top television networks, serving as Fashion Editor for Jardin de la Mode Magazine, and working with many other note-able designers such as Jean-Paul Goud, get a glipse as some of Yael’s past work.



Hard at Work with Hallie Geller

August 16, 2012

Shooting in Central Park was even more fabulous because of FTWWL’s amazing photographer, Hallie Geller. With her creative approach, enthusiastic personality and ability to turn any shoot into a fun and enjoyable occasion, she perfectly portrayed our Thailand collection with her fabulous crew of models, make-up team and on-set assistants.

Hallie has an eye for fashion and an unique approach to photography. With her experience working on photo shoots, at fashion events, photographing her travels  along with her  enormous personal photo collection, Hallie executed the Central Park shoot to perfection.


Even though FTWWL may be traveling to distant places,  Hallie Geller has brought our products straight to you by adding her personal touch to a world-wide collection. You can visit her personal website at to  see additional photography . Make sure to connect with her through twitter and instagram @hbgeller .

Thank you once again to Hallie Geller and her entire team!


Photography: Hallie Geller
Make-up: Hilary Shawn
Set Assistant: Anna Fuller
Models: Paulina Andrea, Alex Santinelli, Lindsey Chernick, Kelsey Cooper and Brittany Wolf

From India to Paris. From Lola To Lenny.

August 4, 2012

From Paris with love. From Lola to Lenny.

As love grows, so do our connections with one another.

Linked by body and soul, these handmade scarves intertwine their passion and unity.

No matter how you wrap it, the bond brought upon Lola and Lenny strengthens with love.

Getting closer and closer, you see each scarf and the details of it’s hand stitching.

Just like the bond between two lovers, the relationship of artists to their work is just as deep and intricate.


Worked by hand and heart, these vintage shawls and saris come from the incredible county of India in the region of Rajasthan. With individual embroidered design and hand-dyed colors, even when worn in Paris can you feel a connection to their place of origins.

Hand-spun silk, delicately woven wool, home-made sequins. Be a part this everlasting connection by getting wrapped up in India no matter where your travels take you.

See more exquisitely crafted pieces from India by visiting the FTWWL store. All items are supported by fair trade and hand selected for the individual characteristics and one of a kind look.

Rainy Day, Sunny Smile. This Is Isabele

July 1, 2012

It was one of those rainy, gloomy mornings in New York and  I’d gotten up early to take my daughter to school.  The sky was grey and people had grey expressions, hiding under umbrellas, rushing to get out of the rain.  I didn’t think I would spot anyone interesting for photos. Then suddenly, I notice a long line silhouette with an angelic face juggling with her umbrella and iPhone, all while attempting to hail a cab.

It’s got to be her I thought. She’s got the exact freshness I’m looking. She’ll bring a light and modern feel to the vintage jacket that embodies tradition, culture and savoir-faire.  I rush over to her I showed her some FTWWL pictures, both huddled under our umbrellas.  With a huge smile on her ‘angel’ face, Isabele agree to be photographed.

She brightened my dismal start to the day. Every cloud has a silver lining…

Our chat was casual and interesting, meeting new people and learning new things every day.


FTWWL: Where do you live?

             Isabele: Manhattan, NYC. I’m a student and actor

FTWWL: What do you call your style? How are you inspired?

              Isabele:  Fun, colorful, fresh, comfortable, interesting.

                                 My sister and my city are my biggest inspiration.

FTWWL: What is your mantra?

             Isabele: Laugh often

FTWWL: How would you spend your last 50 Dollars/Euro?

             Isabele: Go out for some good food.

FTWWL: What does “happiness” mean to you?

             Isabele: A warm day with coffee, food, and the people I love.

FTWWL: If you had to pick, what FTWWL item do you long for?

             Isabele: Easy: a vintage sari scarf

This is Ridwan. This is his story:

June 17, 2012

While walking around my neighbourhood one morning, I spotted an interesting looking coffee shop with a European feel.  Upon entering I was delighted by the array of delicious products such as cookies, granola and different types of tea.  Asking for a suggestion, I motioned to the charming young man behind the counter. He was extremely good looking and wearing a trilby hat, he was polite, friendly and efficient.  He spoke with such  a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the coffee shop.  I discovered that, Haven’s Kitchen you can not only stop by for a scrumptious cake and coffee, you can also read from an array of cookery books or even take part in a cooking lessons. 

Instantly, this became my favourite place for morning coffee. Before leaving that day, I asked Ridwan if he’d be interesting in doing some pictures for FTWWL. Of course, he was delighted to talk with me as well as wear some of our amazing scarves. 

My first encounter was better than expected yet I couldn’t help but return soon after our first meeting to buy a cooking lesson and take in the warming aroma and welcoming atmosphere once again. 



 FTWWL: Where are you living?

             Ridwan: In Hell’s Kitchen, but most of my day is spent in Haven’s Kitchen….ironic?

FTWWL: Can you tell us your secret address? 

             Ridwan: Never! I cannot tell you..! It’s a secret

FTWWL: How do you start your day?

            Ridwan: With coffee of course!

FTWWL: And your guilt pleasure is?

            Ridwan: I can’t resist ice cream!

FTWWL: Working in a coffee shop is amazing. What other hidden talents do you have?

           Ridwan: I have a passion for photography and cooking.

FTWWL: If you had to choose your favorite city, it would be ________.

Ridwan: New York 

FTWWL: What does “happiness” mean to you?

            Ridwan: I achieve happiness by making others happy.

FTWWL: What is your favorite FTWWL item?

           Ridwan: A one of a kind bracelet


You can shop FTWWL and purchase your own silk scarf and pearl bracelet, just like the one Ridwan chose to wear. He looks stunning!






Ridwan’s Sense of Style

June 17, 2012

The Best place for coffee and recreational cooking school in New York Haven ‘s Kitchen.   You can shop the scarf and the Maharani pearl necklace-bracelet at        FTWWL .