High Fashion for All – Doggie Couture

October 27, 2012

In the dog-eat-dog world of fashion, one must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder….of the leash that is. 

Even man’s best friend loves to look stylish! Pets are a part of high-fashion couture and walk the streets like it’s a runway.

During Halloween, we bring costumes and creativity to life but one designer has taken dressing-up to a whole new level. Anthony Rubio of Bandit Rubio Designs is the master of doggie couture. His crave for canine fashion has people turning heads. This Halloween you will find fun and festive costumes for all your four-legged friends.

Anthony has found his passion in creating doggie couture clothing. His love of animals has driven him to success. Every pooch and puppy is important and FTWWL believes that pets deserve just as much love an attention as anyone. Dressing up isn’t just for special occasions anymore – neither should dressing your dog!

Every day should be like Halloween; fun, creative, stylish, chic.

Working with all the most glamorous pups in fashion, Anthony  is one of the best when it comes to doggie couture. Don’t forget that pets like to be pampered too! Fashion is for everyone – people and puppies. See more of Anthony’s canine creations and treat your pet to something sweet this Halloween!

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