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Secret’s Revealed

August 31, 2012

There are  pieces in every woman’s closet in which she finds comfortable and fitting for any casual occasion. It seems as though once you find the perfect item, it will travel with you where ever you go…


Establishing that one and only piece is no longer a nuisance. Once you’ve discovered the tunics within the FTWWL Thailand store, your unsettled feelings will vanish and travel will once again become an effortless pleasure.


Breathable linen, soft to the touch silk, durable yet smooth fabrics – the look, feel and appeal of these tunic is irresistible. Easy to wear and even easier to pack. Crumpled, crushed, or compacted, these tunics will withstand the harsh elements of vigorous activity as well as long days of relaxations.

Who can resist?

Each hand-dyed detail crafted by a delicate Thai woman – made one at a time to ensure perfection of not only its look, but it’s composition and sustainability. In a small village north of Bangkok,  FTWWL revealed the secret to success when it comes to comfort in clothing.

Look elegant and feel joyful as you gracefully maneuver from one adventure to the next.

Using a Batik print on some, and multiple over-dyed patterns on others, no two are alike. In traditional Thai style, rainbow colors and hand embroidery details are present within each silk/cotton tunic.

With an opportunity to obtain one of these extraodinary pieces for yourself, FTWWL is sharing one of it’s secret treasures in which you are sure to enjoy. 

FTWWL -Yael Guetta

August 29, 2012

Getting trustworthy fashion advice is hard to come by.

When culturally infused and worldly influenced looks intrigue you,

it’s easy to see why FTWWL has caught your eye.

Experienced or unprofessional, every individual can use genuine fashion advice and has created an impeccable space for obtaining feedback from an array of experts.

As one of the site’s official Fashion Insider, Yael Guetta has opened her (closet) doors to all!

Read Yael Guetta’s full bio, see some of her lookbook images, and get one-on-one fashion consulting. With over 50 stylists, designers and fashion experts from around the world, Looklab has developed a collection of exquisitely selected Fashion Insiders.

Visiting and browse the profile of Looklab’s latest Fashion Insider, Yael Guetta at:

With an extensive history as a stylist, trend setter, and expert in fashion, Yael Guetta has  a profile and bio that is truly one of a kind.

Styling for France’s top television networks, serving as Fashion Editor for Jardin de la Mode Magazine, and working with many other note-able designers such as Jean-Paul Goud, get a glipse as some of Yael’s past work.



Dress Yourself In Jewels

August 24, 2012

India is a country of many people, also containing one of the world’s most prized possessions- diamonds! 


Being one of the first countries to introduce such a valuable minerals to the world, India is considers a true pioneer in the industry and still depend greatly on these resources.


Though diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, it’s hard not to fall in love with the abundance of gems, precious stones and pure gold that lie within the country’s expansive landscape.



The preservation of India’s long history in decorative and symbolic jewelry is necessary. If you love emeralds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, silver and more, you will simply love traditional Indian jewelry. Not only will you look stunning in a hand-made Mahrani pearl necklace or a Ratna red jade necklace, but you will also make a contribution in the continuation of one of India’s most desirable and sustainable industries.


Learn more about India’s Jewelry industry by visiting the Indian Brand Equity Foundation’s website at:

See some amazing photography of traditional and timeless Indian headpieces, necklaces, rings and jewels on the Skarman’s Passion blog.

Make sure to see all of the Indian jewelry within the FTWWL store!

Love Travel Guide

August 18, 2012

Welcome to

Jaipur, India!


When FTWWL traveled to the Pink City, we found a collection of travel books by a woman named Fiona Caulfield. 


Learning of her world-wide travels, it was clear Fiona has a  love for exploration.

Jaipur is a city of many beauties. Rich in culture, traditions, fairs and festivals, there is always something to see and do in India’s capital. Fiona has mapped out a guide for the most exquisit adventure possible.


 Become a part of this magic and uniqueness. With many sites to see, foods to taste and experiences to endure, any one of Fiona’s five travel guides to India will lead your way.

Each collection of books is beautifully bound in a cotton envelope and includes photographs, maps, address and descriptions about the bestplaces in India.

Not only does Fiona contribute %10 of her profile to The Love Travel Guide Foundation, but she also includes information on charities and organizations in India in which you can give back to.

 See Fiona’s  full bio and more information on Conscious Travel by visiting her website:


Images from:



From India, To Hollywood – Celebs Love Indian Scarves

August 17, 2012

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Russell Brand are showing their true colors by supporting art and fashion influenced by cultures around the world. With their rich and vibrant colors, scarves that duplicate those crafted in India are appearing on the stars and celebrities of Hollywood and beyond.

Stars like Oprah Winfrey, Lindsey Lohan, Russell Brand,  Heidi Klum, Mary-Kate Olsen, Hilary Duff, Brook Shields, Julia Roberts and many more have been seen wearing Indian inspired scarves. All with beautifully colored details and different sizes and styles, they can be worn in many different ways.

Whether they travel to the Taj Mahal or take a trip down Rodeo Drive, celebrities have been spotted in Indian inspired scarves just like those available at FTWWL. Aquire your own hand made scarf from Jaipur, Indian that is nothing close to a knock-off.

FTWWL has one of a kind scarves made with love, for you. Look like a star and act like one too by supporting the local villagers of Jaipur who are producing these fabulous fair trade scarves that are truly authentic.

You can see all of the Indian scarves available by visting the FTWWL store.

Hard at Work with Hallie Geller

August 16, 2012

Shooting in Central Park was even more fabulous because of FTWWL’s amazing photographer, Hallie Geller. With her creative approach, enthusiastic personality and ability to turn any shoot into a fun and enjoyable occasion, she perfectly portrayed our Thailand collection with her fabulous crew of models, make-up team and on-set assistants.

Hallie has an eye for fashion and an unique approach to photography. With her experience working on photo shoots, at fashion events, photographing her travels  along with her  enormous personal photo collection, Hallie executed the Central Park shoot to perfection.


Even though FTWWL may be traveling to distant places,  Hallie Geller has brought our products straight to you by adding her personal touch to a world-wide collection. You can visit her personal website at to  see additional photography . Make sure to connect with her through twitter and instagram @hbgeller .

Thank you once again to Hallie Geller and her entire team!


Photography: Hallie Geller
Make-up: Hilary Shawn
Set Assistant: Anna Fuller
Models: Paulina Andrea, Alex Santinelli, Lindsey Chernick, Kelsey Cooper and Brittany Wolf

Tunics from Thailand

August 13, 2012

Though traditional robes and garments may be elaborate and complex, wearing a tunic dress  is simple and easy. Feel as though you are a part of the Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand as you dress in one of their most recognizable and distinct pieces of clothing. Know for their headpieces, jewelry and embroidered robes, members of the Hill Tribe graciously shared with FTWWL some of their handmade tunics along with a few tricks of the trade on how-to pull of such a piece.


Take a close look at the patterns, stitching and design of each tunic. No two are alike but when worn, you will look a beautiful and elegant as the Hill women themselves. Each tunic was dyed by hand, on natural silks. Creating the colors and detailed patterns takes precision and much practice. Using rich and fadeless colors such as red, indigo and violet, these tunics cannot compare to anything else.

Notice the rainbow of colored thread? That too is dyed by hand and woven individually, stitch by stitch. Using heartwood roots, barks, fruits and fresh leaves, each color is produced by pressing and concentrating the materials and bonding the fabric and dyes with a mordant.

Add beaded bracelets, a braided headpieces, charms and necklaces or nothing at all – these tunics can add to any look or make a statement on their own. More handmade tunics, shawls and scarfs from the tribes people of the Hill Tribe can be yours! The FTWWL store is you way of connecting with the people native to Thailand. by purchasing their goods you are contributing towards their efforts to continue in the production of traditional clothing and accessories.

Photography by: Hallie Geller

Vests from Thailand

August 11, 2012
You don’t need much to create a look of beauty and bliss. These vests from Thailand are easy to wear, comfortable and authentic.
No need to pile on layers of clothes or accessories, a vest is all you need.

Made of hand-dyed wool, sewen individually stich by stich, and fitted for everyone. An item for men, women and children all the same.

Different sizes, different colors. Each vest is unique and special. With traditional patterns and color combinations, these vest are true to the essence of Thailand’s culture.

We were thrilled with the traditional objects that we found, crafted using ancient techniques by the country’s Northern Hill tribe people.
Buying their products helps the tribes make a better life for themselves while still retaining their cultural identities.
Photography by: Hallie Geller 

Thailand Takes Central Park

August 11, 2012

No matter where you are, no matter what your cultural background, New York City is the place for world-wide influences and unlimited possibilites. FTWWL took on Central Park as the backdrop for bringing the ethnic feel of Thailand to the city of wonder.

Photographer Hallie Geller portrayed the realness of pure beauty and peace. Using the elements of nature, she captured the richness and rejouvenating colors, textures and patterns of hand-made pieces from Thailand. With a group of equal beautiful young women, you can see their inner grace and elegance emerge as they take form in traditional Thai attire.

Feel your spirit rise, let go of all negativity and embrace the love and harmony brought to you, from Thailand with love.

You can shop all of these amazing scarves, tie-dyed linens and silk wraps at the FTWWL store.

Photography by: Hallie Geller


A Taste of Thailand

August 9, 2012

Feel the richness of the colors. Explore the details within each pattern. Immerse yourself in the textures, beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

These scarves, tunics, headpieces and jewelry are creative with the essence of Thailand fueling their design. Get a taste of Thailand with your own piece, made with love.

More items from Thailand are available for you at the FTWWL store. See how you can spread the love from Thailand and beyond.

Photography by: Hallie Geller