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This is Ridwan. This is his story:

June 17, 2012

While walking around my neighbourhood one morning, I spotted an interesting looking coffee shop with a European feel.  Upon entering I was delighted by the array of delicious products such as cookies, granola and different types of tea.  Asking for a suggestion, I motioned to the charming young man behind the counter. He was extremely good looking and wearing a trilby hat, he was polite, friendly and efficient.  He spoke with such  a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the coffee shop.  I discovered that, Haven’s Kitchen you can not only stop by for a scrumptious cake and coffee, you can also read from an array of cookery books or even take part in a cooking lessons. 

Instantly, this became my favourite place for morning coffee. Before leaving that day, I asked Ridwan if he’d be interesting in doing some pictures for FTWWL. Of course, he was delighted to talk with me as well as wear some of our amazing scarves. 

My first encounter was better than expected yet I couldn’t help but return soon after our first meeting to buy a cooking lesson and take in the warming aroma and welcoming atmosphere once again. 



 FTWWL: Where are you living?

             Ridwan: In Hell’s Kitchen, but most of my day is spent in Haven’s Kitchen….ironic?

FTWWL: Can you tell us your secret address? 

             Ridwan: Never! I cannot tell you..! It’s a secret

FTWWL: How do you start your day?

            Ridwan: With coffee of course!

FTWWL: And your guilt pleasure is?

            Ridwan: I can’t resist ice cream!

FTWWL: Working in a coffee shop is amazing. What other hidden talents do you have?

           Ridwan: I have a passion for photography and cooking.

FTWWL: If you had to choose your favorite city, it would be ________.

Ridwan: New York 

FTWWL: What does “happiness” mean to you?

            Ridwan: I achieve happiness by making others happy.

FTWWL: What is your favorite FTWWL item?

           Ridwan: A one of a kind bracelet


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Ridwan’s Sense of Style

June 17, 2012

The Best place for coffee and recreational cooking school in New York Haven ‘s Kitchen.   You can shop the scarf and the Maharani pearl necklace-bracelet at        FTWWL .

In the City With Amina

June 13, 2012

The beautiful Amina caught my eye while  I wondered along Fifth Avenue with my husband.  We were both drawn to her elegant silhouette as she passed nonchalantly through the crowd. She was headed towards a food truck parked on the corner to get a quick cup of tea. Wearing black shorts that perfectly complimented her figure, I just knew I must approach her. You can see from the shots that we were so lucky to have come across her.  Amina is a sweet and graceful person with an innate and unique sense of style, natural in front of the camera.  Thank Amina from the world with love!!

FTWWL: Living in Manhattan, do you have a favorite city beyond NYC?

       Amina: Paris. 

FTWWL: What is your star sign?

       Amina: Capricorn

FTWWL: Is your style true to your sign?

        Amina: Maybe. I’m Chic, Vintage, Comfortable, Sexy & Free

FTWWL: What is your day job?

         Amina: I’m A luxury assistant store manager and I believe life is like a fashion show. 

FTWWL: How are you inspired?

         Amina: By my travels

FTWWL: Do you have a guilty Pleasure?

Amina: Djarums

FTWWL: Finish this sentence: “Happiness is…….”

         Amina: You wake up and go to sleep to a fairytale that is real

FTWWL: What is your FTWWL must-have item?

         Amina: Your photos!


More of our photos of Amina in a beautiful hand-dyed scarf are available for you to see by visiting the FTWWL store. 










Amina makes a Statement

June 12, 2012

Stunning hand embroidery

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