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FTWWL Short Film

June 5, 2014

Dance, sing & celebrate Yael’s newest collection!

“The final product was even more amazing than I could have imagined. I felt as though this collection was finally complete.” -Yael


 The FTWWL lifestyle is fun, fresh and always fair-trade.

“Directing this video was as fun for me behind the camera as it was for the models Anastasia and Elise.” -Yael


“Every time I watch this video I feel more connected to my collection and the people that have made From the World with Love possible.”- Yael

The Nomadic Collection is everything you’re looking for…and more.


Join the Fashion Revolution

April 24, 2014

Attention: From the World with Love has joined the Fashion Revolution!

 Don’t be afraid to say: Who Made My Clothing?  Join the revolution by making responsible and sustainable fashion choices.


By forming personal relationships with artist around the globe, Yael has created a network of innovative thinkers, ethical shoppers and lifelong friends.

Be one of the millions of people who are creating awareness in the fashion industry about how and where clothing is made.

Image-21 copy

Consider the men and women whose hands stitched together your shirt, or the natural resources that were used make all the fabrics in your closet. Do you know where your clothes came from?

Yael Guetta, knows exactly where each product on was made, who made it and what it is made from—go ahead, ask her!

Image-22 copy

Find that perfect shirt, dress or accessory that speaks to you and transform your wardrobe into a cultural and socially sustainable collection.

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The FTWWL collection reflects Yael’s personal style and her personal choice to be a part of the Fashion Revolution. 

Instagram a photo of your pledge to join the revolution: #FTWWLFashionRevolution

Travel Advice From Diana Vreeland

September 20, 2012

“Go to Paris as much as you can.” 

That is the one piece of advice Diana Vreeland had to give when talking with Colin McDowell, editor at The Business of Fashion. 

As an iconic figure in the world of beauty, style, art  and couture, Diana Vreeland has decoded the meaning of style. Her inspiration has come from global travel and cultural experiences throughout decades of fashion success.

Very few have a comparable prospective on style but in the film, “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel” viewers will witness the inter-workings in which all of her accomplishments were composed.

As she sees it, no person may understand fashion from one perspective, from one lense, or from one set of standards. Style, in her opinion, is about making the unexpected extraordinary.

“Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel”