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Everything Bohemian

September 30, 2012

Live Free. Break from Expectations. Dream.

Being Bohemian involves a lifestyle of both lavish desires and a humble spirit. Our views and impressions of Bohemian fashion and art has evolved over time.

This amazing transformation can be seen in the Bohemes exhibit at The Grand Palais in Paris which is showing from September 26th thru January 14th.

With this in mind, many  musicians, designers, travelers and writers have taken part in the Bohemian style. Julia Chaplin is one  who has found great success and reward from taking part in and care-free culture.

After the success of her first novel, Gypset Style which created a picture of fashion derived from traditional and modern Bohemian trends, another piece by Chaplin is soon to debute, Gypet Travel. Both Assouline titles exemplify what the term “Gypset” or being a “gypsetter” encompass.

An unconventional, bohemian approach to life.

Characterized by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-earth ease.”

Not to forget, other well known writers have taken this “Boho-chic” approach to translating traditional Bohemian style into something current and wearable within today’s fashion. Boho Beirut: A Guide to the Middle East’s Most Sophisticated City was written by fellow journalist Shirine Saad. Her intricate background between culture and travel has only enhanced her personal history in editorial and lifestyle magazines, in which the boho-chic book was created. Check out her website and amazing blog!

You will find multiple occasions to take part in this gypsy-like, Bohemian lifestyle within your travels, fashion and daily adventures. Take part in a world beyond your own by allowing the Bohemian care-free way to entrance your body, soul and spirt.

By using pieces from FTWWL and decor by Jean-Luc Connan, you can create a  gypsy inspired look of your own!

See images of wonderful Bohemian style houses in Julia Chaplins Books along-side a couch designed by John-Luc design. Pillows from Thailand would make a great accent to this unique array. 


Travel Advice From Diana Vreeland

September 20, 2012

“Go to Paris as much as you can.” 

That is the one piece of advice Diana Vreeland had to give when talking with Colin McDowell, editor at The Business of Fashion. 

As an iconic figure in the world of beauty, style, art  and couture, Diana Vreeland has decoded the meaning of style. Her inspiration has come from global travel and cultural experiences throughout decades of fashion success.

Very few have a comparable prospective on style but in the film, “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel” viewers will witness the inter-workings in which all of her accomplishments were composed.

As she sees it, no person may understand fashion from one perspective, from one lense, or from one set of standards. Style, in her opinion, is about making the unexpected extraordinary.

“Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel”

La Modella Mafia Inspired by FTWWL

September 12, 2012

FTWWL has shared the fashion of India’s tribespeople, the art of Thailand’s villagers as well as hand-crafted fair trade products from all cultures in-between. In FTWWL’s hope of expanding it’s presence in the fashion community, La Modella Mafia has discovered the beauty within some of FTWWL products that reflect the boho chic styles of many celebrities and designer labels.

Not only is La Modella Mafia another blog which explores the many  elements within fashion, it also utilizes ideas from multiple sources cross-culturally.  The blog posting Boho Chic: From the World with Love finds the relationship between present day boho style with traditional, authentic tribal pieces within the FTWWL store.



FTWWL wishes to support all bloggers, stylists, designers and artists to work to spread the message of worldly fashion and unity between cultures around the world to create peace, happiness and love.

Please visit and find inspiration of your own. You can also shop the La Modella Mafia and FTWWL stores.


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Sweet Dreams

September 11, 2012

As you sleep, your dreams will take you to any place you desire.

Take FTWWL along as visions of heavenly destinations fill your nights with adventures, tranquility and peace. 

Dream in color with the vivid combinations of midnight blue, deep-sea green  and relaxing tones of fuchsia and soothing lavender.

Carry on this love from the World and bring this riches and comfort into your home. 

Ganesha and Buddhist prayer flags decorate the backdrop making a scene of pure bliss.

From the mountains within the Himalayas of Tibet, Nepal, the wind has carried your spirit and prayers with love.  At rest you will feel safe and protected surrounded by luxurious cushions from Thailand and India. 

Shop the FTWWL Store for additional inspiration to obtain a home of happiness and love.

Notes on Today. Ideas for Tomorrow. Scriptures of the Past.

September 7, 2012


Bring your creativity to life! Putting pen to paper is the first step in organizing thoughts, ideas and memories. As the school children of India pray to Ganesh, the God of intelligence, you too will find the blessing of this God and many others within the Sutara notebooks found in the FTWWL store.

Each delicate page made of recycled paper is held safely between individually decorated covers depicting Hindu Gods and sacred figures such as the elephant. Swarovski crystals and gold leafing draw attention, yet only you may know what lies within. Detailed with colorful lace, you will see your story unfold, layer by layer.

Having  the death skull dangling as you carry your notebook along puts ultimate power and protection

in your hands.

Be free to express your dreams, re-live the past, explore new worlds and write down each moment of your day. Sutara notebooks are  made for enhancing personal strength and grow. Like the people of the world, no two notebooks are alike.


Find your fit and begin your exploration of the world page by page!