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Join the Fashion Revolution

April 24, 2014

Attention: From the World with Love has joined the Fashion Revolution!

 Don’t be afraid to say: Who Made My Clothing?  Join the revolution by making responsible and sustainable fashion choices.


By forming personal relationships with artist around the globe, Yael has created a network of innovative thinkers, ethical shoppers and lifelong friends.

Be one of the millions of people who are creating awareness in the fashion industry about how and where clothing is made.

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Consider the men and women whose hands stitched together your shirt, or the natural resources that were used make all the fabrics in your closet. Do you know where your clothes came from?

Yael Guetta, knows exactly where each product on was made, who made it and what it is made from—go ahead, ask her!

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Find that perfect shirt, dress or accessory that speaks to you and transform your wardrobe into a cultural and socially sustainable collection.

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The FTWWL collection reflects Yael’s personal style and her personal choice to be a part of the Fashion Revolution. 

Instagram a photo of your pledge to join the revolution: #FTWWLFashionRevolution


April 10, 2014

The human soul contains everything within you, from the emotions you feel to the morals you live by.

Our body is the cavity in which the soul flourishes. It is the source of energy, consciousness and love.


Use your body as your canvas for displaying your emotions and sharing your beliefs. 

Silver Maharani bracelet was inspired by the extraordinary wealth of Mughal Maharajas fine jewelry and lavish Indian designs.

One does not need to flaunt their possessions to obtain self-acceptance.


 The raw copper and nickel used to make this cross necklace are a symbol of  faith.

Once you have faith in yourself, you will be powerful and brave enough to achieve anything. 


The metal trinket necklace combines the playful colors of youthful and timeless beauty of precious metals.

The embroidered heart that dangles from the center will hold the secrets of your soul and your wishes for your future self.

Image-19 copy 7


Feel the forces of the Earth energize your body, mind and spirit when you are wearing this necklace made of Mali beads, Ethiopian copper and painted coral from the Seychelles Islands.

There is beauty and strength within all of us. Do a little soul-searching and discover the key to happiness, tranquility and inner peace, with jewelry from FTWWL.