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The Colour of your Life

November 17, 2012

Travel to Paris, with Rodolphe!

From the World with Love has discovered the most precious treasures of Paris and explored some of the city’s best kept secrets. Professional colourist, Rodolphe, has given FTWWL exclusive access to his personal list of travel recommendations. His favorite places to visit in Paris for a night out with friends or a day of personal pampering, will take you on an adventure like no other!

Rodolphe’s Top Five Spots for a True Parisian – if you are looking for….

…an afternoon of relaxation, 

L Achimiste, ou Brigitte Dubray, “a place for taking care of your skin, inside and out.”

…an absolutely authentic meal,

Le bistrot à Shusi, “the most authentic! My favorite is the Maki of Tempura.”

…a fresh, new aroma,

Stéphanie de Bruijn, “a friend who creates perfume”

…a sweet treat,

Claus, Resturant and Bakery, “has the best scones and breakfast ever!”

…dining prepared just for you. 

Yam’Tcha, “where the chief creates a special meal every night.”

And of course, you must take a visit to

 Colore Par Rodolphe, “where you will find the colour of your life.”


An excellent artists knows that you must you must consider every thing from head to toe, when creating a piece of work . It is the acute attention to detail that Rodolphe has developed after years of working on art of hair coloration. His secret stems from his ability to draw lightness into the face, and naturally extract the the original tones of the hair by using the color fundamentals found in Earth’s natural resources.

Rodolphe makes hair color more personal by paying attention to the relationship of client and colorist.

Rodolphe has changed the meaning of pampering and hair maintanence. The moment you enter the salon, you will be entransed by his book of hair styles, which minimics that of a true artist. Rolophe’s pallet of colors is unmatched. All who enter Colore Par Rodolphe will be swept away by the mastery of Rodolphe and his hand-selected staff.

We purposely select our shoes and our jewels to make a specific style or fashion. The coloring of hair has become a necessary part of dressing up, going out and feeling confident – especially in translating our personal style to the world and those around us.

An oasis of beauty, a home for all friends, a paradise of tranquility in which you will have no worries

- Colore Par Rodolphe is the only place in the world where your inner body will be enhanced by the outer experience of pure artistic expression.  Your soul will come to life and will leave with a color that becomes a special part of you.


 You can find the address to each of Rodolphe’s suggested locations here:
Colore Par Rodolphe – 26-28 rue Danielle Casanova 75002 Paris
L Achimiste, ou Brigitte Dubray – 9 rue deTorricelli 75017 Paris 
Le bistrot à Shusi – 12 rue Léon Cogniet 75007 Paris
Stéphanie de Bruijn – 52 , rue de l université 75007 Paris
Claus, Resturant and Bakery – 14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris
Yam’Tcha – 4 rue Sauval 75001 Paris

The Spirit Never Surrenders

November 1, 2012

No matter where you go, no matter what you lose, the spirit never leaves us.

The place where it belongs, the place where it was born – our souls, our passion and our hearts remain true.

Love thy neighbor – and in times of hardship, welcome them into your home. From the World with Love knows that when the moment comes to stand together, the strength of our spirits will carry us through anything. It is not always easy to see the beauty within disaster but as Human of New York and Jean-Luc Connan continuously find gems amongst rubble, FTWWL also brings light to what is beyond the surface.

It is the spirit of those around us that lift us even higher. 

It is the people of the city and the passion in their hearts that bring stability and hope back to a place of sorrow. Not to be left in the dark, it is these people who illuminate the city and bring life, joy, happiness and love back into the souls of the struggling.

This Halloween, the haunt was as real as ever – no one doubted the chill that lingered through the city. But with the community of helping hands and the undeniably powerful sense of community, those within areas of disarray, joined together for a celebration of their own.

Celebrating the life – Celebrating the spirit – Celebrating the power of love


Times like these is when the soul is revealed and true compassion comes to life. Like Lydia Callis – rising to her call of duty to not only communicate but bring personality and light-heartedness back into the city, it is those people exactly that remind us how to keep spirits up. One act, one gesture is all it takes. The time to remember the good and being thankful for what we have because like the spirit, it’s never lost.


No matter where you are, never let your spirit surrender. Help those in need by donating to the Red Cross.