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Hard at Work with Hallie Geller

August 16, 2012

Shooting in Central Park was even more fabulous because of FTWWL’s amazing photographer, Hallie Geller. With her creative approach, enthusiastic personality and ability to turn any shoot into a fun and enjoyable occasion, she perfectly portrayed our Thailand collection with her fabulous crew of models, make-up team and on-set assistants.

Hallie has an eye for fashion and an unique approach to photography. With her experience working on photo shoots, at fashion events, photographing her travels  along with her  enormous personal photo collection, Hallie executed the Central Park shoot to perfection.


Even though FTWWL may be traveling to distant places,  Hallie Geller has brought our products straight to you by adding her personal touch to a world-wide collection. You can visit her personal website at to  see additional photography . Make sure to connect with her through twitter and instagram @hbgeller .

Thank you once again to Hallie Geller and her entire team!


Photography: Hallie Geller
Make-up: Hilary Shawn
Set Assistant: Anna Fuller
Models: Paulina Andrea, Alex Santinelli, Lindsey Chernick, Kelsey Cooper and Brittany Wolf

Thailand Takes Central Park

August 11, 2012

No matter where you are, no matter what your cultural background, New York City is the place for world-wide influences and unlimited possibilites. FTWWL took on Central Park as the backdrop for bringing the ethnic feel of Thailand to the city of wonder.

Photographer Hallie Geller portrayed the realness of pure beauty and peace. Using the elements of nature, she captured the richness and rejouvenating colors, textures and patterns of hand-made pieces from Thailand. With a group of equal beautiful young women, you can see their inner grace and elegance emerge as they take form in traditional Thai attire.

Feel your spirit rise, let go of all negativity and embrace the love and harmony brought to you, from Thailand with love.

You can shop all of these amazing scarves, tie-dyed linens and silk wraps at the FTWWL store.

Photography by: Hallie Geller


A Taste of Thailand

August 9, 2012

Feel the richness of the colors. Explore the details within each pattern. Immerse yourself in the textures, beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

These scarves, tunics, headpieces and jewelry are creative with the essence of Thailand fueling their design. Get a taste of Thailand with your own piece, made with love.

More items from Thailand are available for you at the FTWWL store. See how you can spread the love from Thailand and beyond.

Photography by: Hallie Geller