Looks We Love

Whether it is a dress worn by a stunning young woman or the perfect hat atop an elderly man, you’ll be amazed by the fashions we’ve discovered around the world. Take inspiration from the unique styles of others.

FTWWL Short Film

June 5, 2014

Dance, sing & celebrate Yael’s newest collection!

“The final product was even more amazing than I could have imagined. I felt as though this collection was finally complete.” -Yael


 The FTWWL lifestyle is fun, fresh and always fair-trade.

“Directing this video was as fun for me behind the camera as it was for the models Anastasia and Elise.” -Yael


“Every time I watch this video I feel more connected to my collection and the people that have made From the World with Love possible.”- Yael

The Nomadic Collection is everything you’re looking for…and more.


Discovering Identity

May 8, 2014

Like a fingerprint, the pattern on each dress is an inscription of one’s own identity.

“Walking through the village of Chalchihuitan I noticed that all of the women wore dresses with a similar shape and structure.” – Yael


Stark white fabrics, short sleeves and boxy silhouettes make up the foundation of each dress.

Only when you stand close do you see the uniqueness of each piece.

Image-23 copy

Family histories and the stories of ancestors create a pattern for the embroidery.

We each possess experiences of the past, hopes for the future and expectations for the present.

Image-21 copy

Wearing this dress is a way of identifying yourself.

“When meeting the dressmakers I witnessed the sets for completing each unique piece. The women shared the meaning and importance of their designs.” – Yael


“You will come to recognize the pattern as your own, just as I have.” – Yael

Image-23 copy 2

Study every detail of the dress as you become connected to your inner and outer self.

Wearing this dress with confidence means you have found your identity with its design.

Jean Luc Connan + FTWWL

May 2, 2014

Inspiration from around the world comes to life in a multitude of mediums: clothing, jewelry, accessories and furniture (that’s right, furniture!).

FTWWL is featuring the work of:

Jean Luc Connan

P1140291 - Version 2

Connan’s use of fabric, embroidery and bold accessories like pompom tassels, are at the foundation of his uniquely designed home décor collection.

P1140280 - Version 2

Fabrics from Lake Titicaca, Peru are paired with cloth from Uzbekistan, where cultural diversity is plentiful.

Like a map, the embroidered cushions tell a story of rituals, scarifies, gods and goddesses. The Tumi axe is symbolic for good luck among Peruvians. The large tassels hanging from each end symbolize the Uru women living in Peru, who decorate their hair with pom pom and beads.

P1140304 - Version 2

Animal printed fabric trails along the edges of the chair, like a winding road through the hills and valleys of China’s landscape.

Have you ever sat in a chair covered with Swarovski crystals? Take a moment to enjoy the little things. The wooden frame is accented with crystals that will sparkle in the sunlight.

P1140263 - Version 2


Big enough to house two souls, united in love, with honor for one another and the gifts that the world has to offer.


Connan’s love seat is a one-of-a-kind piece that was created with love.

By bringing the wonders of the world together in his Paris studio, Connan has discovered the key to beauty, peace and everlasting love.


Interested buyers please contact: fromtheworldwithlove@gmail.com.



Coachella Style

May 30, 2013

Coachella Style


We fell in love with these images from Coachella 2013.  All these looks are put together by girls with genuine style…taking elements from their everyday wardrobe and mixing them up with one of a kind vintage and ethnic pieces that we love here at FTWWL.

Inspired by their look, we put together our own style board based on things we have on our website and items you might have already in your closet.  Being confident enough to mix it up like this is what great style is all about.  Try it for yourself.


1.  Yak Wool Jacket @FTWWL

2 .  Maharani Bracelet@FTWWL


Everything Bohemian

September 30, 2012

Live Free. Break from Expectations. Dream.

Being Bohemian involves a lifestyle of both lavish desires and a humble spirit. Our views and impressions of Bohemian fashion and art has evolved over time.

This amazing transformation can be seen in the Bohemes exhibit at The Grand Palais in Paris which is showing from September 26th thru January 14th.

With this in mind, many  musicians, designers, travelers and writers have taken part in the Bohemian style. Julia Chaplin is one  who has found great success and reward from taking part in and care-free culture.

After the success of her first novel, Gypset Style which created a picture of fashion derived from traditional and modern Bohemian trends, another piece by Chaplin is soon to debute, Gypet Travel. Both Assouline titles exemplify what the term “Gypset” or being a “gypsetter” encompass.

An unconventional, bohemian approach to life.

Characterized by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-earth ease.”

Not to forget, other well known writers have taken this “Boho-chic” approach to translating traditional Bohemian style into something current and wearable within today’s fashion. Boho Beirut: A Guide to the Middle East’s Most Sophisticated City was written by fellow journalist Shirine Saad. Her intricate background between culture and travel has only enhanced her personal history in editorial and lifestyle magazines, in which the boho-chic book was created. Check out her website and amazing blog!

You will find multiple occasions to take part in this gypsy-like, Bohemian lifestyle within your travels, fashion and daily adventures. Take part in a world beyond your own by allowing the Bohemian care-free way to entrance your body, soul and spirt.

By using pieces from FTWWL and decor by Jean-Luc Connan, you can create a  gypsy inspired look of your own!

See images of wonderful Bohemian style houses in Julia Chaplins Books along-side a couch designed by John-Luc design. Pillows from Thailand would make a great accent to this unique array. 


Thailand Takes Central Park

August 11, 2012

No matter where you are, no matter what your cultural background, New York City is the place for world-wide influences and unlimited possibilites. FTWWL took on Central Park as the backdrop for bringing the ethnic feel of Thailand to the city of wonder.

Photographer Hallie Geller portrayed the realness of pure beauty and peace. Using the elements of nature, she captured the richness and rejouvenating colors, textures and patterns of hand-made pieces from Thailand. With a group of equal beautiful young women, you can see their inner grace and elegance emerge as they take form in traditional Thai attire.

Feel your spirit rise, let go of all negativity and embrace the love and harmony brought to you, from Thailand with love.

You can shop all of these amazing scarves, tie-dyed linens and silk wraps at the FTWWL store.

Photography by: Hallie Geller


A Taste of Thailand

August 9, 2012

Feel the richness of the colors. Explore the details within each pattern. Immerse yourself in the textures, beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

These scarves, tunics, headpieces and jewelry are creative with the essence of Thailand fueling their design. Get a taste of Thailand with your own piece, made with love.

More items from Thailand are available for you at the FTWWL store. See how you can spread the love from Thailand and beyond.

Photography by: Hallie Geller

Morning Coffee

April 16, 2012

Wooven bracelets, hand-stiched scarves and notes books with original art and paper work. Truly authentic and personal pieces for these women who need nothing more the the essentials and each other.

For morning coffee, they enjoy the warmth of their tea surround by our FTWWL scarves from India and each other’s company.

These items are all available to you at the  FTWWL store. Shop jewelry, scarves, notebooks and more hand-made items from around the world, with love.