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Wrapped in Pleasure, Layered in Love

January 26, 2014

Unravel something new; lose yourself in layers; wrap yourself in texture; feel beautiful inside and out.


Each time you put it, it’s worn a little different. You fasten a new knot, tighten your bow, or leave it dangling loosely—you wear the scarf as it wears on you, your emotions, your style and your sense of self.

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You share in its beauty and find comfort in its embrace. You start to recognize its smell, its feel, each and every time its draped upon your shoulders.

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What was once a part of nature has become a natural part of you.


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Through Rose Colored Glasses

January 18, 2014

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Out with the Old, in with the New (and Improved!)

January 17, 2014

When one door closes, another opens—and the new FTWWL store is even better than before! We believe all things happen for a reason, even if that means starting all over again.


When the FTWWL website was hacked, we temporarily lost everything. Fortunately, the love and support of followers from across the world, (including you!) helped us to revamp the From the World with Love blog and added exciting new items to the store.

Capture d’écran 2014-01-17 à 14.36.14 was made by and for people like you—global travelers, exotic fashionistas, style-conscious individuals and fair-trade advocates. The new FTWWL website brings you closer than ever before to the designers, artists and craftspeople who work hand-in-hand with From the World with Love founder, Yael Guetta.

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Our door is always open! We welcome everyone to explore authentic craftsmanship, handmade accessories and original designs. As a part of the FTWWL community you are making worthwhile contributions to the growth of sustainable fashion.

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Connect instantly with Yael and share your storires of travel, treasures and true love—for things that come from the world with love.

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