Through Rose Colored Glasses

January 18, 2014

There is something about the color pink that makes us blush. It’s affectionate yet subtle; it’s the color you can’t ignore.


We’re dedicating a new collection to 

la vie en rosefall in love with the palest of pinks and the most fabulous of fuschias.


Whether it’s a rose scented candle or a bubble gum pink coin purse, the pink collection on FTWWL’s new website is enchanting and elegant.


Following the trends of Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Carven and other fearlessly feminine designers, From the World wiht Love has paired adoreable accessories and all-too-cute keepsakes just for you!—available in the FTWWL store.



A personalized shopping experience that’s just as fun as it is efficient! Find exactly what you need (and maybe somethinge extra too).


No two pieces are alike. Mix and match items and find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for ta chère ou ton ami!



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