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Inspiration from Elsewhere

March 18, 2014

Words change meaning over time—so too does the meaning of fashion.

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A mosaic of cultural symbols and ideas turn into the products we buy and the trends we follow.

Without one, there cannot be the other.


Batik designs from Indonesia and bead-work from Thailand are the results of cross-culture collaborations.

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Take for instance, the work of world-renowned photographer, Seydou Keïta.


 Traditional african dress and western eloquence gave the people, and the clothing they wore,  a voice worth hearing.

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When we recognize the diversity around us, we have the opportunity to create new works of art.

The FTWWL African Print Bags captures beauty from all corners of the world.

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Begin collecting inspiration from all the places you visit.

When the time is right, unleash your imagination and make art out of the world around you.




Straight from the Source: Ethiopian Weaving

February 6, 2013

Patience and precision in every stich.

The craftsmen of Ethiopia are known for using traditional methods to make cloth, which have been passed down from generations of weavers and embroiders.

From start to finish, there is nothing more natural and authentic than an Ethiopian shemma cloth made by hand.

The FTWWL Youtube Video captures the rhythms and repetition of weaving that brings this  extraordinary art form to life.

Stay tuned for more about Ethiopian weaving and embroidery by checking out the FTWWL Youtube and Vimeo channel.

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